Over and under double rifle

The Ferlach icon

During the last heyday of gunsmithing in Ferlach, from the late 1950s to the late 1970s, the over-and-under double rifle was the most common variant for the predominantly German-speaking market. Mainly because of the possibility of combining different interchangeable barrels (berg stutzen, over-and-under combination rifles, etc…), the over-and-under double rifle was then synonymous with a “Ferlacher Doppelkugel”. In the period that followed, the luxury segment of the over-and-under double rifle became very quiet and it fell into a deep slumber. But for a few years now, international interest in this Ferlach icon has been growing again and the number of inquiries is increasing. Hausmann&Co reacted to this and have now designed and created their own version of this classic rifle model.

The action

Classic with british flair

The concept of the Hausmann&Co over and under double rifle is based on the classic design with a double barrel hook lock, a doll’s head as a rib extension, concealed Hausmann&Co sidelocks the proven double trigger and ejectors. When it comes to the visual design, however, Hausmann&Co goes its own way. Due to the special design of the action, the absence of bolsters and a very clear separation of the action in the area of ​​the hinge, the over-and-under double rifle from Hausmann&Co has a certain “boss style”. The resulting new lines make the Hausmann&Co over and under double-barrel rifle appear more elegant and dynamic overall than the classic Ferlach design.

The side lock

A guarantee of safety

The side lock from Hausmann&Co stands for maximum security with perfect craftsmanship. Equipped with a safety catch rod and perfectly placed pivot points, this lock achieves an extremely high level of security and a very favorable pull-off torque. The concealed version, where only the pin of the hammer is visible, more than accommodates the design of the lock with all kinds of engravings.

The trigger

Individually according to customer requirements

Whether the classic double trigger, with or without set trigger, or the in-house single trigger, optionally with one set trigger or with set trigger for both barrels, each customer decides for himself.

The stock

Custom made by hand

The stock of every Haumann&Co over and under double rifle is made by hand for each customer, individually according to his body measurements. The best selected Caucasian walnut is used. The stock is completed with an elaborate oil finish and, if required, with a fine hand-cut checkering.


Action: Action with double barrel hook locking and dolls head, covered Hausmann&Co sidelocks, ejector and double trigger
Calibre: all C.I.P. calibres up to .600NE
Total length: starting at 95cm (37 inch)
Weight starting at 2kg (4lbs 6oz)
Options: set of spare barrels, single trigger, cartridge extractor, classic sidelocks, leather-covered recoil pad