Golden tiger

Superior Gun

Golden Tiger

The most powerful big cat existing, the tiger, with its pure strength and elegance has already been inspiring mankind and its most diverse projects ever since. Hausmann&Co also inspired this fascinating predator to create a very special and exquisite hunting rifle.

The concept

Strength, speed, coat colour and pattern as well as its habitat – all those characteristics are reflected in the construction and the execution of this superb hunting rifle that is looking for equal. Latest technology prefabrication, passion for a perfect craftsmanship and the use of the finest materials result in a hunting rifle with its own strong character that makes a clear statement – tradition through innovation. 

The rifle

This Superior Gun called ‘Golden Tiger’ is classified as a high performance long range bolt action rifle with an evident task – maximum precision. The highly massive match action, with its closed receiver based on a Mauser M98 is used in combination with the in-house constructed detachable magazine and a selected match barrel made of stainless steel. The latter shows another specific feature – the outer profile is octagonal with fluted edges. It is chambered in .300 Remington Ultra Magnum and has been equipped with a single stage match trigger, combined with a set trigger. The Swarovski X5i 5-25x56P is used as the target optic and is mounted on the rifle with a specially designed swivel mount.The high gloss polished stock is made from a selected piece of Caucasian walnut, completely made by hand. The front and the back end of the stock ends in a deep black forend made out of ebony and leather covered recoil pad. 


The engraving

All the actions’ components are engraved with an art nouveau ornament reminding of the tigers’ fur pattern on the one hand and gives you the idea of a thick bamboo thicket in the jungle on the other hand. The deeply engraved background as well as a few chosen parts of the ornament have partly been laid out with fine gold plates and wire. Nonetheless, the focus of this masterpiece of exquisite  engraver’s craftmanship is set on the magazine plate and the receiver. An incredible tiger portrait has been placed in a special multicolour engraving technique, While all black fur structures were brought to life by the cut and black engraved steel. The rifle owes its graceful appearance to the harmonic balance of the ornamenting, the background, the positioning of the gold inlays as well as the integrated portraits. All those elements interacting lead to the desired result: a Superior Gun. 


Action: Matchsystem M98 mit Ansteckmagazin

300 Remington Ultra Magnum

Trigger: Hausmann & Co single stage  trigger, combined with a set trigger
Overall length: 122 cm ( 48 inch), barrel length: 65 cm ( 25 1/2 inch)
Overall weight: 4,5 kg ( 9 lbs 14 oz) without scope
Stock: Caucasian walnut, a Monte Carlo type cheekpiece, ebony forend