Leopards Journey

Superior Gun

Leopard’s Journey double-rifle

The Leopard is one of the most elegant, but also the deadliest hunter in the world. The worthy incarnation of this amazing cat of prey is the idea behind this extra class theme rifle.

The weapon’s concept

As a loner, the leopard brings down his prey with silent precision. However the leopard has a very pronounced social side. Males don’t leave their mother until they can bring down their own prey.

Hausmann & Co set itself the task of uniting all the various facets of this majestic cat of prey in a themed extra class rifle.

The weapon

The Leopard’s Journey from Hausmann & Co is an elegant double-barralled rifle in .375 Holland & Holland Magnum with finely curved 61 cm (24 inch) long octagonal barrels, automatic Holland & Holland ejectors and double barrell hook locking combined with a concealed Purdey breech (third bite).
Holland & Holland side locks with intercepting sears, a Hausmann & Co special single trigger combined with a forward set trigger for both locks and a English styled push-button forend, a swivel mount produced from the solid and countersunk into the guide rail together with a Swarovski rifle scope – shot up to one hundred metres (110 yds) – mark Hausmann & Co’s superior craftmanship.

The details

A long top tang, which simultaneously conceals the rear cross bolt, and long trigger guard which ends into a metal grip cap. 

The octagonal barrels end in highly elaborately executed, arcaded fences and are contained by an extra peripheral frame line.


System: Doppelte Laufhakenverriegelung, verdeckter Purdeyverschluss, verdeckte Holland & Holland Seitenschlosse, gesteuerte Schenkelfederejektoren
Kaliber: 2x .375 Holland & Holland Magnum
2x .500/.416 Nitro Express 3 ¼
Trigger: single trigger combined with forward set trigger for both locks
Total length: Total length 105 cm (41,3 inch), barrel length 61 cm (24 inch)
Weight: 4,0 kg (8 lbs 13 oz) without scope
Stock: Caucasian walnut wood, classic cheek piece, tie