Black stripes

Superior Gun

Black Stripes

The plains zebra, representing the vast and seemingly infinite African savanna, has obviously been the inspiration for this unique and elegante theme rifle. 

The concept

As a herd animal, the zebra conquers tremendous distances throughout the extensive African savannah. Known for its excellent senses and very well developed instincts, it always poses a particular challenge to the zebra hunter. Without a doubt, a truly fascinating game species, making it easy for Hausmann & Co to choose it as the protagonist of this superior gun.

The rifle

The Black Stripes rifle is a long range bolt action rifle, chambered in calibre .338 Lapua Magnum. It is based on a special  Mauser 98 action with a removable steel magazine. The massive, closed receiver turns the classic Mauser into an even more robust and torsion-resistant match action, assuring an excellent precision. In addition, the 65 cm selected match barrel comes with high grade rifling.
The trigger is an in-house developed, singe staged match trigger, allowing a crisp, clean pull with around 850 g of trigger weight. Still, also the trigger is combined with great handcrafted  set trigger allows to fire the shot after pulling only 350 g.
The selected scope for this special kind of rifle is the Swarovski X5i 5-25x56P. It is mounted via a custom made rail, milled from solid steel. All of these features put together, constitute an ideal base for a high grade, handcrafted long range rifle. 

The engraving

What comes in your mind first when you see this engraving, is contrast as the key element. The tremendous gold ornament endowed with silver details extends across all steel parts and is highlighted by the deep black background. To portray two zebras on a rifle can easily be described as a real challenge. To set the focus on the symbolic, perfect black-white contrast, only the white stripes are composed of silver inlays. The black stripes, muzzle, eyes and parts of the mane are worked out of steel. Therefore, it is the blueing process at the end that turns the engraved animal into a zebra.

The encasement

the Hausmann&Co exclusivity

Needless to say that such an exceptional hunting rifle can only be delivered in a dignified gun case.
The talk is of a handmade case, witch is , believe it or not, a polished deep black piano lacquer finished. Once opened, the fascinating inlet work appears: a cream-coloured, exquisite Alcantara, combined with real zebra fur is a real highlight, complemented by the handstitched, diamond framed company logo.
This unique case is definitely the finishing touch for a project that is second to none and makes it what it is. A Superior gun


System: Mauser M98 match action
Calibre: 338 Lapua Magnum
Trigger: Hausmann&Co single stage trigger combined with a set trigger
Overall length: 122cm (48 inch) barrel length 65cm ( 25 1/2 inch)
Overall weight: 4,5 kg ( 9 lbs 14 oz) without scope
Stock: Caucasian walnut, classic cheekpiece, ebony forend