Sidelever stalking rifle

The Hausmann & Co exclusivity

Our side lever hunting rifle is the first weapon in our side lever family manufactured exclusively on our premises.

In contrast to the traditional weapons in which the lever is either on the top or the bottom side, the side lever comes directly out from the side of the action. This offers a number of advantages.

The firing pin in this construction is absolutely aligned with the bore of the barrel, whereby the mainspring is relieved significantly. This allows an easily and smooth function of the locks.

Further advantages

Omission of the lever

With the newly designed side lever lock, the release lever can be dispensed with as with an ordinary hunting rifle.
The advantage: an extremely round and above all lightweight design is achieved.

Hausmann & Co manual cocking system

Deliver maximun safety

Since the vertical key shaft is eliminated, and the firing pin thereby lies exactly on the bore axis, a very smooth spring clip can be installed into the manual cocking system.

This spring clip has a significantly shorter take-up range which results in a very short and pleasant cocking slide.

Cocking the lock by pushing the cocking slide forward. Pressing the release button of the cocking slide leads to a silent uncocking.

Scope mounting

Ergonomic attack

Because attention now no longer needs to be paid to key access, the rifle scope can be mounted very low, enabling a very fast and ergonomic attack.

Slim design

side-lever single shot rifle

The idea of the side lever design is to achieve a streamlined and easy to handle weapon.

Due to the side attachment of the lock lever, the streamline of the weapon is no longer interrupted. The highly slim construction ends in a perfect side lever.

Stock design

The stock of the side-lever rifle is produced from fine Caucasian burr walnut wood as all of our Hausmann & Co weapons. We place a particularly high value on individuality and exclusivity and so all development stages occur according to customer’s desire.

Timeless charm

Very popular especially among female hunters

All these innovative advantages make the side lever hunting rifle from Hausmann & Co a light, elegant weapon that hunters, especially female hunters, prize for its timeless charm.


Action: Hausmann & Co side lever lock
Calibre: all C.I.P. calibres up to .30R Blaser
Trigger: direct trigger
Total length: starting at 95 cm (37 inch)
Weight: starting at 1,8 kg (3 lbs 15 oz)
Options: set of spare barrels, manual cocking, trigger with forward set trigger , and ejector