Projekt Vierling

The Vierling

A world sensation

Designing and manufacturing a four barreled rifle is a special challenge and the use of it is a legitimate question today. And it is precisely for these reasons that Hausmann & Co has created a four barreled rifle that the world does not yet know. The ultimate hunting weapon, especially for the driven hunt, four barrels chambered in the same caliber, a safetyslide and one single trigger. No more and no less.

The project

Four, four, one, one

The idea is based on simple criteria: four barrels, four locks, one trigger and one safety. The absolutely stunning result is an easily manageable, practice oriented rifle with a very high security level

Giving birth to a world sensation

Having realized a complete three dimensional CAD construction, as well as the corresponding machining of the raw parts done, the creation of a working hunting rifle was ready to start. Based on the well-known and reliable double underlug locking, the closure construction is completed by an additional dolls head. The locking is set together by two covered Holland & Holland type sidelocks as well as double Blitz action.
These technical details already being astonishing, the trigger construction is what truly brings insanity into play.
A mechanical switch-over, which is not depending on recoil, selects all four locks one after the other in a defined, unvarying order: bottom barrel, upper barrel, right barrel and at last, the left one. This is what makes a true world sensation out of the Hausmann & Co Vierling. Not necessary to think on switching between triggers, barrels or locks, different safetylevers or any complicated operations.
Straightforward handling allowing an easy use: load, lock safety off and pull the trigger four times. Simple and safe handling – made for a hunting adventure of its own kind. 

The calibre 

well established

Speaking about calibres – taking the choice for this hunting rifle was an easy process. ‘Old, but gold’ comes into mind, when thinking of the well-established 8x57IRS. Its dimensions and ballistics allow the construction of a hunting rifle, representing a harmony of perfect handling, comfortable weight and uncompromising practicability. 

The stock

straight lines and pure elegance

The handcrafted stock and its brilliant finish have been made out of an extraordinaire piece of caucasian walnut. The extremely accurate workout, specifically the cheekpiece, the fitting of all steel parts, especially the extended top tang and triggerguard leaves no doubt about the fact, that the Vierling of Hausmann&Co is an unique piece of gunsmithing art. 


Action: Hausmann & Co Vierling action with a double underlug locking and Doll’s Head, Hausmann&Co sidelocks and adouble Blitz action
Calibre 4x 8×57 IRS
Trigger: In-house developed, mechanically guided single trigger
Overall length: 103cm (40 1/2 inch)
Overall weight: 4 kg (8 lbs 8 oz) without scope
Option: individual hand-made gun case