Double-barrelled rifle

Holland & Holland

The elegant, easy-to-handle rifle for a dangerous game

The double-barrelled rifle is every hunter’s dream and has always been the first choice for a dangerous game.

Hausmann & Co side lock

Maximum safety guaranteed

Side lock double barrelled rifles from Hausmann & Co can hardly be topped in perfection and visual harmony. The Hausmann & Co double barrelled rifle guarantees maximum safety and reliability through special side locks with intercepting sears in the Holland and Holland construction style.


Individual adjustment

A wide selection of triggers are available to guarantee individual adjustment to the desired pursuit. From the double trigger, optionally with forward set trigger, through to single trigger with forward set trigger for both barrels, it leaves nothing to be desired.

Stock design

Customized stocks

The stock of the Hausmann & Co double-barrelled rifle is made from fine Caucasian burr walnut wood. The manufacturing accrues in close consultation with the customer, in our view a very important aspect.


Action: Hausmann & Co side lock action with double barrel hook locking
Calibre: all C.I.P. calibres up to .600 NE
Total length: starting at 95 cm (37 inch)
Weight: starting at 2 kg (4 lbs 6 oz)
Options: set of spare barrels, double trigger with forward set trigger, single trigger, single trigger with forward set trigger, ejectors, concealed locks, octagonal barrels