Top lever single shot rifle

Top lever single shot rifle

stylish and timeless

The timeless single shot breakdown rifle with its top lever is an extremely elegant companion for stalking and hide hunting. Being very light and well-balanced, this unique kind of rifle is definitely made for the one, perfect shot. 

Classic engineering

made on the cutting edge

The Hausmann & Co single shot rifle belongs to the classic category within our range of hunting rifles. Three different types being produced in our manufacture, the most sophisticated construction includes a Holland & Holland type sidelock, ejector and a set trigger.
Nevertheless, the traditional Blitz action, with or without decorative side plates, is also available.
The third type is based on a manual cocking system, which can be made in to different types. As a classic handcock action or as an automatically unlock action when the rifle get opend.

The stock

 Harmony of steel and wood

The stock of the single shot rifle is made out of high-quality Caucasian walnut, selected by the customer himself and tailor made by hand to his measurements . Whether the choice of the cheek piece, the ebony forend or the Bavarian type, the customer will be invited to involve himself and his preferences to finish the stockwork on  his Hausmann&Co rifle. 


Action: Hausmann&Co action, double underlug locking, combined with a Holland&Holland sidelock, Blitz action or hand cocking system
Calibre: all common CIP calibres
Overal length: starting at 95 cm (37 1/2 inch)
Overal weight starting at 2 kg (4 lbs 7 oz)
Options: interchangeable barrel, set trigger, ejector, pinless side lock, octagonal barrel, stutzen forend