Side lever side-by-side shotgun

The Hausmann & Co exclusivity 

The side-lever side-by-side shotgun is the consistent further development of our exclusive side lever design.

By the positioning of the side lever on the right side of the action, the already slight and easy to handle shotgun receives an even more graceful shape.

This slim shape continues with a rather simply shaped roundbody action and ends with a very light Caucasian walnut wood stock.

Easy and safe handling

Single trigger for rapid firing

The attention of the Hausmann & Co side-lever side-by-side shotgun concentrates on the easy-to-handle and slight design. To underline the elegant character of this design, the basic shotgun version is equipped with our in-house single trigger with slide. In contrast to a double trigger with two trigger blades, this single trigger with a single trigger blade allows a smaller and perfectly structured trigger guard. By request of the customer, a double trigger is of course also available.

Prepared for the future

Steel shot proofed barrels – well equipped for future hunting tasks

To meet modern requirements and future needs, we only install specially manufactured barrels designed for steel shot applications. Lead shot bullets can of course also be shot with these barrels.

Stock design

Especially with a side-by-side shotgun attention is being given to a perfectly adapted stock design for the hunters needs. With the Hausmann & Co side-lever side-by-side shotgun particular considerations have been taken for an easy-to-handle and slim stock design. The lightweight and ergonomically shaped stock ensures a fast and intuitive shot rate. As with all Hausmann & Co weapons only long term aged walnut wood from highest quality is used.


Action: Hausmann & Co side lever system, double barrel hook locking, Holland & Holland style ejectors
Calibre: 12, 16, 20, 28, 410
Trigger: single trigger, double trigger optional
Total length: starting at 110 cm (43 inch)
Barrel length: 72 cm (28 inch)
Weight: beginning at about 2 kg (4 lb 7 oz)
Options: Double trigger, changeable chokes