Over and under double rifle RB-SL

One step further

With the reinterpretation of the classic over and under double rifle by Hausmann&Co, it was the logical consequence to develop this idea further and to rethink the topic of this particular rifle from the ground up. Hausmann&Co took this step and the result is an elegant, easy-to-use over and under double rifle of the highest craftsmanship, designed as a round body and equipped with a side lever.



The action

Round body and Boss style

The entire action frame as well as the trigger plate and side locks of the over and under double rifle RB-SL were designed, constructed and prefabricated from the ground up as a round-body design. The continuously rounded system without reinforcement and with the elegantly flowing heel in the hinge area flows into the barrel bundle via a truly masterful Boss-style fences. The barrel and the action are connected with half-concealed double barrel hooks and a dollshead on the barrel rib. A highlight are the concealed and screwless Hausmann&Co side locks and the elegantly curved and user-friendly side lever .

The perfectly regulated, automatic ejector rounds off this new model from Hausmann&Co and makes the over-and-under double rifle RB-SL another masterpiece of craftsmanship.

The trigger

Double trigger with ulterior motives

When creating the over and under double rifle RB-SL , the double trigger was chosen with good reason. Especially when choosing a moderate calibre (.270 WIN, 7x65R, 8x57IRS, etc.), the graceful design makes a interchangeable barrel like a „Bergstutzen“ (big and small bullet) a good choice and enables an extended range of uses for this elegant hunting rifle. However, it is definitely possible to equip the over and under double rifle RB-SL with the proven Hausmann&Co single trigger.


The stock

Individually handcrafted

At last the stock of the over and under double rifle RB-SL gives it this perfectly flowing and dynamic shape and is consistently handcrafted from the finest Caucasian nut wood according to the dimensions of the respective customer.


System: Hausmann&Co over and under double rifle RB-SL, double barrel hook lock with dollshead, Hausmann&Co side locks, ejector, double trigger
Caliber: all C.I.P. Calibers up to .600NE
Overall length: from 95 cm (37 inch)
Weight: from approx. 2 kg (4lbs 6oz)
Options: Interchangeable barrel set, double trigger with set set, single trigger, single trigger with set set, cartridge extractor, classic sidelocks, skeleton butt plate