Living tradition

The Bergstutzen might be designated as one of the most legendary type of combinated rifle existing. When it comes to classic alpine mountain hunting, this sensationally light and well-balanced rifle demonstrates its full strength. 


The Hausmann&Co Bergstutzen is part of lived tradition. A small and a big bore barrel put together in an over-and-under combination, operating with two covered H&H sidelocks as well as set triggers – certainly one of the most high-valuable construction ever made. On request, different lock constructions like Blitz action, with and without sideplates can be realized as well. 

The trigger

The trigger characteristics of the Hausmann&Co Bergstutzen can be defined according to the customers’ preferences. Two direct triggers, one set trigger or even two set triggers are realizable. 

The stock

Traditionally made out of high quality, naturally dried caucasian walnut wood, the stock of the Bergstutzen is tailor made by hand to perfectly fit to the customer.
At an over and under rifle, a special attention should be paid to the split forend, which requires an immense amount of craftsmen skills.


Action: Hausmann & Co Seitenschloss- System mit doppeltem Laufhakenverschluss
Calibre: all regular CIP-Calibres
Overall-length:  starting at 95 cm (37 1/2 inch)
Weight: starting at 2 kg (4lbs 7oz)
Options: Interchangeable barrels, double trigger (both with set trigger), ejector, pinless side locks, octagonal barrels