The side-by-side shotgun

The queen of driven small game shooting

Due to its timeless elegance, handling as well as its balance, the classic side-by-side shotgun still is an integral part in the world of traditional hunting guns. Two barrels, a delicate action and a well-balanced stock put together, as easy as it could be. But then again, it is indeed not that simple.

The action

British DNA taken further

Nothing less than a Boss&Co side-by-side was chosen to be a model for the development of the latest Hausmann&Co shotgun. All external action dimensions as well as the barrels have been derived from its iconic archetype. However, the individual shaping of single elements emphasises its autonomy and leave no doubt about it not being just a simple copy.

The sidelocks

Concealed and innovative

The Hausmann&Co side-by-side shotgun is outfitted with one of the in-house innovations, the new designed sidelocks. Having set the target of the highest degree of safety and to obtain perfect trigger characteristics, the trigger bar has been reconstructed now working ‘overhead’.
Except for the hammer pivot, all the pins and screws are concealed. This being given, a homogenous surface now allows an uninterrupted engraving in different styles according to customer requirements.

The stock

Made to Measure

Made from the finest caucasian walnut wood, the handcrafted stock of the Hausmann&Co side-by-side shotgun is, as a matter of course, manufactured exclusively according to the customer’s body measurements. Once individually fitted, the surface is grinded with great dedication in order to achieve a fine oil finish, rounded off by a hand-cut checkering.


Action: Hausmann & Co concealed sidelock with overhead trigger bar, double barrel hook locking, ejector
Calibres: 12, 16, 20, 28, 410 Gauge
Trigger: double trigger
Barrel length: 76 cm (30inch) – different barrel lengths on request
Weight: starting at 3,4kg for 12 gauge (7lb-8oz)
Options: single trigger, interchangeable chokes, steel proof barrels, leather covered pad, straight english grip