Bolt action rifle M98

The reliable companion

Proven system of highest perfection

Without a doubt the workhorse of the Hausmann & Co line: rugged, reliable, and durable. Absolute reliability confers legendary status on the Mauser 98 System. Hausmann & Co has committed itself to the highest level of craftsmanship with the rifle too. Only new systems with very low production tolerances are used.

Two-stage translation for maximum precision

Hausmann & Co match trigger

A two-stage translated Hausmann & Co match trigger box is employed with the trigger system. The highly secure match trigger box can optionally be combined with single triggers or hair triggers.

Stock design

Accuracy and elegance guaranteed

The stock of the bolt-action rifle is produced from fine Caucasian burr walnut wood as all of our Hausmann & Co weapons. To achieve a perfect surface finish we use a special oil which is applied layer by layer in a very time-consuming process. All development stages occur according to customer’s desire.


Action: Hausmann & Co bolt action system in the Mauser 98 construction style
Calibre: all C.I.P. calibres up to .500 Jeffrey
Trigger: Hausmann & Co match trigger
Total length: starting at 110 cm (43 inch)
Weight: starting at 3 kg (6 lbs 10 oz)
Options: octagonal barrel, forward set trigger, German hair trigger, long trigger guard, and long top tang, Hausmann & Co box magazine