About the path of the idea

Close cooperation as sign of quality

The unique constellation at Hausmann & Co enables us to have a permanent in-house engraver. In this way we are able to elaborate on engraving conceptions of the customer at the beginning of every new bespoke weapon.

All ideas according to the customers desire

We at Hausmann & Co set a high value on hand drawn studies and engraving designs. After a detailed meeting with the customer the engraver makes the first design of the bespoken engraving. This design is elaborated until all customers desires are satisfied. After this step is done the final drawing is used to realize the engraving.

The engravers view

From time to time, we create engraving designs of our own taste. In this case the engraver can develop his own ideas without any external influences. These very special designs are used for our Superior Guns or serve for engraving examples.